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Choking /asphyxiation hazard: Not for children under 3 years of age. 

Small Parts: This unit contains small parts.


Injury hazard: This product patented profile assembly system comprises profiles that are machine cut leaving typical PVC and steel machine cut sharpness at both profile ends. To avoid injuries, handle these profiles carefully while assembling this product. Do not attempt to deform the profiles with your fingers directly and avoid touching your eyes with their ends. Also keep profiles away from children at all times.


Other hazards: Stop potential damage. This product includes wood glue. Though it does not contain formaldehyde, it cannot be treated as food. If you stain your fingertips, avoid touching your mouth, nose, ears or any other parts of your body. Use recommended amounts only. Avoid spilling. Never leave the bottle cap open. Use a paper tissue to remove excess. If you stain your fingertips, clothes or carpets, rinse with water while glue is still liquid. Keep out of the reach of children. Dispose of safely. Do not pour remaining amounts in the sink or down the drain. It may clog your pipes or leach into waterways. Not to confuse the glue with any other substance, do not store excess glue. Let the remains dry on paper tissue and dispose of along with the empty container. In case of ingestion, call a physician.

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